Thursday, February 4, 2010

'Living The Matrix' : CRV beginners predict the future!

Last weekend, I and two colleagues (Sarah Bird: Energy Psychology and Julie Williams: Quantum Healing presented a unique 3-day experiential seminar at our 'Living The Matrix' seminar.

For my part, I shared my CRV experience and gave the students a taste of its potential.Here's what I did;

(1) On the evening of the second day (Saturday) I looked through the sports events listed for the next day and identified a soccer match due to take place at 3pm on Sunday afternoon.

(2) I selected three completely different photos; (i) Atlantis space shuttle in orbit above the earth, (ii) an interior photo of an art gallery/museum with many people and lots of activity and (iii) a photo of a natural empty landscape across a green open valley.

(3) I consciously decided that at 5pm on Sunday afternoon, AFTER the game was finished, I would show the students the picure that I had previously associated with the game outcome. The associations I made were as follows;

(a) Atlantis Space Shuttle = Team A to WIN.
(b) Museum Interior = Team A to LOSE.
(c) Open landscape = DRAW or Game Cancelled.

(4) I consciously decided that, at 5pm on Sunday, I would show the students ONE of the three pictures, which would be decided by the game outcome. They would never be shown the other two pictures, as to do so would increase the likelihood of individual emotional responses 'polluting' the information transfer process.

(5)I re-named the picture files accordingly, wrote down the 'tasking' into a Word document, zipped them all and burned them onto a CD-ROM. The CD and a printed copy of the written tasking were sealed in a window-less envelope.

(6)Finally, I gave the project a 12-digit reference number. I wrote this number on the outside of the sealed envelope.

(7)Early on Sunday morning the students were given a very basic introduction to the first steps of the CRV process. Following that, the ONLY information that they were given was the 12-digit reference number. They were asked to note and record their impressions of the target. The descriptions they provided indicated to me that they were viewing the photo of the Space Shuttle. I did not tell them this, but simply thanked them and advised that they would receive their feedback at 5pm.

[Note: If they were seeing the picture of the space shuttle 'at 5pm', it was indicating to me that Team A was going to win the game.]

(8) The game commenced at 3pm.

(9) The winner was Team A (Manchester City) [as predicted by the viewers, four hours before the game had begun].

(9) At 5pm, based upon the OUTCOME OF THE GAME (not their viewing), I showed them the picture I had associated with Team A (Manchester City) to WIN: which was the photo of the space shuttle.

What does it mean? The viewers had predicted the outcome of the game, before it had even begun!



  1. The problem with this is that there's probably a 45% chance that Team A would win. To be really impressed by this, I would have to see the actual RV results to see just how close the students came to the image of the space shuttle. Have you archived this data?

  2. UrbanPioneer ... you can see lots of actual ARV results showing session transcripts and the associated photos by scrolling back through the posts at ARV4Fun -
    (if that's too clunky here's direct links to some of my hits -
    click then click again on transcripts and photos to enlarge to compare detail)

  3. Sorry Paul ... I didn't consider whether links would be possible or welcome in my rush to provide more evidence that ARV works.
    UrbanPioneer ... there's always cut and paste (also some links at my twitter profile if you scroll back)

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