Monday, July 20, 2009

"On A Clear Day We Can See Forever" - Remote Viewing Project

Last year Andrew Usher, of UK-RV, and I were asked by Karen Russo, an international artist based in London, to participate in an art project that would explore the potential use of Remote Viewing to 'view' an artist’s work. A successful viewing of an artwork would open questions for Karen around the original source of the inspiration for the artwork, questions around artist’s copyright and other conceptual thoughts around the nature of consciousness.

You can see the results of the CRV session here on her website (click on the ‘video’ icon).

[For Andrew and I, the really interesting piece of work was carried out BEFORE we met Karen, when we each did a session describing the NEXT piece of two-dimensional artwork that she would create. We thought that would be a LOT more interesting! That formed the second part to her project, but has not been posted onto her site just yet…]

Remote Viewing Services

PSI:Pure Stream Information is the first formally registered Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) company in Ireland.

It was formed by Paul O'Connor (Ireland), Henrik Eneroth (Sweden) and Sarah Bird(UK), all of whom are Irish-based remote viewers, trained by Lyn Buchanan of P>S>I: Problems Solutions Innovations Inc, to provide professional Controlled Remote Viewing services to businesses, organisations and authorities.

We work with a qualified CRV Project Manager and a team of professional remote viewers in the USA and Canada, all of whom have been trained by Lyn under P>S>I: Problems Solutions Innovations. For security reasons, we do not use CRV'ers in Ireland to work active security cases in Ireland.

There are two types of services offered; Active and Humanitarian.

Humanitarian Services would include finding information not available through other means, such as locations of evidence, condition of missing persons, lost historical information and case work details, etc.

Active Services would include using remote viewing for security, research, planning and investigation.

Typical business applications include;

* Research and development of new and existing idea and inventions.
* Projecting Plans and Intentions
* Projecting financial results or future outcomes
* Business plan development and assessment of options
* Personnel selection
* Business innovation, in the form of 'future-hunting' for new business ideas

Scientific applications include;

* Archaeological
- Site identification and assessment of viability
- Finding the original uses for artefacts
- Mapping information
- Historical interpretations
* Space Research & Development
* Medical research
* Technological development
* Future-hunting for new ideas, concepts and inventions

We organise personal training for anyone who wishes to learn Controlled Remote Viewing. We also organise in-house training for companies or organisations who wish to establish their own Controlled Remote Viewing teams.

Paul O'Connor MRIAI
Professional Remote Viewing Services
T: +353 (0)87 8149663